The Minister of Defence inspects the troops participating in the events of Russia’s annual session

General Yasen Ibrahim Yasen, Minister of Defence in charge, today inspected the armored forces participating in the eighth annual session of the 2022 International Military Games, whose competition began in the Russian capital Moscow.

During his inspection of the forces participating in the military games, the Minister of Defence said that the country celebrates the anniversary of Eid (68) of the armed forces, under the slogan “The army in Hamana and our unilateral people”, which is a great occasion celebrated by the armed forces to affirm that they stand up for the country’s defence.

His sovereignty over the forces participating in the military games wished for great, honourable and impressive results in raising the Sudan’s name and upholding the status of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

During his visit to the armoured forces participating in the military games, the Minister of Defence accompanied Lieutenant General Abdullah Al-Bashir Ahmed Al-Sadiq, Deputy Chief of Staff, training Major General Alauddin Osman Mirghani, Director of the Directorate General of International Relations and Brigadier General Zahir Taha, military annex to Moscow.

The International Military Games, which are contested on land, sea and air, are one of the best armies in the world and were held in the territory of Russia in 2015 with the participation of military teams from 17 countries.

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