The Minister of Defence receives the delegation of the regional office of the International Civil Aviation Organization

Lieutenant General Yassen Ibrahim Yessen, Minister of Defence of his Office, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Ministry, received Lieutenant General Isam Al-Din Karar, Adviser to the Minister of Defence for Aviation Affairs.

The Minister of Defence reiterated his appreciation and thanks to the International Civil Aviation Organization for its active role in promoting the security and safety of global aviation and supporting regional and international cooperation.

During the meeting, he affirmed the State’s continued support for strengthening the security, safety and environment of international aviation, developing the air transport industry and fulfilling its responsibilities in all areas of aviation, and supporting all ICAO initiatives in promoting joint cooperation in civil aviation between the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

“We affirm our support for the agreement signed between the Secretary-General of the Civil Aviation Organization and the Director-General of the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Fakhruddin Osman Ahmed Mahdi, to support the Sudan with experts in the eight areas of scrutiny, reflecting the Sudan’s seriousness in raising the level of safety and security to meet international obligations.

He looked forward to the Regional Office mission and the International Civil Aviation Organization’s technical support office contributing to supporting the civil aviation authority with the knowledge necessary to achieve the safety and security requirements and implement the agreement signed between them.

Through the work of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) expert group with the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority, he hoped that an action map would be developed to identify shortcomings and develop a development plan to improve the Sudan’s aviation safety and security situation.

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