The Ministry of Planning in Khartoum: Significant progress in the areas of village planning

In its meeting today headed by the Director General of the Ministry of Urban Planning in charge of running the work of the Ministry with the powers of the Minister, Engineer Hassan Issa, in the presence of the Chairman of the Committee, Taha Dafa Allah, Director General of the Land Authority, the committee confirmed the continuation of the organization’s work in all axes in preparation for the completion of all files within the specified period initially.

From the issuance of the planning decisions, as most of the 10 decisions related to East Nile were issued, and all decisions of the East Nile villages will be completed this week. While the system is completed by conducting social research for citizens, surveying and planning works, and finally by drawing lots and handing over contracts.

The meeting directed the renewal of the planning decisions for all the villages placed in the plan, in addition to activating the survey work. The director of the Village Planning Project, Azhari Al-Khalifa, who submitted a report on the first 45 days of the three-month deadline set by the governor of Khartoum, explained that an estimated work had been completed, including drawing the lottery for 201 eligible Al-Futimab. And the distribution of forms for those live in the random areas of Ghaboush, Tabaki Naivasha, Hilla squares, and the remaining IDPs from the Khartoum area, and the displaced from Dar Al Salam, Omdurman and Bentiu random squares.

With regard to the Nile villages, the target number in the village of Wausi in the middle of 1585 was 95% of the votes, and the number of families in West was 2085, and the beneficiaries will be published next Thursday, and in the Karri locality of the targeted families in 1950, the survey work will be completed next Thursday, while the planning decision issued.

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