The occupation expels Palestinian workers for shaving their heads

Since last week, the city of Jerusalem and its neighborhoods have been witnessing great tension, after the Israeli occupation imposed strict restrictions on Shuafat camp, on the pretext that it was searching for a Palestinian who it believed shot its forces at the Shuafat military camp checkpoint north of East Jerusalem, which led to the killing of a female soldier and the injury of two security personnel.

The municipality of the Israeli city of Modi’in, west of Jerusalem, requested the expulsion of a number of Palestinian workers from the residents of the Shuafat camp on charges of shaving their heads in solidarity with an attacker who took place at the camp’s checkpoint early last week.

A Palestinian labor official said that an Israeli employer expelled about 30 Palestinian workers after they came to work with skinheads, and accused them of sympathizing with a terrorist, as he put it.

A number of the camp’s youth had shaved their heads in order to make it difficult for the Israeli occupation forces to chase after the Shuafat checkpoint crossing, who was shaven.

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