The Ports Syndicate refuses to establish a new port and threatens a comprehensive closure

The head of the Eastern Ports Workers’ Syndicate, Aboud El-Sherbiny, announced his rejection of the agreement between the authorities and Emirates regarding the establishment of a new port.

Al-Sherbini threatened to close the Sudanese ports if the authorities made any attempt to sell the coasts. He said, “The UAE has been trying for years to control the Sudanese ports, and it has been hiding behind many fake projects to implement its plans in this regard.”

He added, “Sudan does not need new ports, but the development of the infrastructure of national ports, which kept entering the country’s treasury trillions of pounds without offering it anything in return.”

In the same context, the residents expressed their rejection of the establishment of a new port, funded by Emirates, in the Mukarsim region, which is rich in coral reefs on the Red Sea coast.

A local leader from eastern Sudan told that “components of a tribe residing on the island of Muqarsim objected to the establishment of a new port in the region with Emirati funding.”
He said that the Rapid Support Forces retracted the establishment of a military base in the same place, due to popular pressure, after granting land ratifications facilitated by the resigned Governor of the Red Sea, Ali Abdullah Adrob.
He added, “Now they are back again and they are talking about establishing a huge port in the region, which will not be established because we do not allow it.”

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