The President of the Sovereign Council directs the promotion and development of the Sudan

The President of the Transitional Sovereign Council directed General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan to promote and develop the Sudan’s foreign relations and support prospects for cooperation with sister and friendly countries.

This came when he met today with Sudanese ambassadors to take up their duties in Chad, Central Africa, Indonesia and Romania in the presence of Ambassador Ali Sadik, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador D ‘ Ousmane Mohamed Younis, Ambassador of the Sudan to the Republic of Chad, said in a press statement that the meeting was an opportunity to hear valuable guidance from the President of the Sovereign Council on strengthening the Sudan’s relations with these States.

Ambassador Osman affirmed that they would do their utmost to develop Sudan’s relations and advance areas of joint cooperation and thanked and appreciated the President of the Sovereign Council for his confidence in them in carrying out this lofty national task.

It will be recalled that the ambassadors are Ambassador D. Osman Mohamed Younis (Chad), Ambassador Bashura Ahmed Idris (Central Africa), Ambassador Yasser Mohamed Ali (Indonesia) and Ambassador Mansur Ibrahim Pulad (Romania).

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