The rapid support militia gets Israeli weapons

Press reports revealed that the Rapid Support Militia had obtained Israeli weapons in its war against the Sudanese army.

The military industry company Military Africa issued a report Sunday on the monitoring of the use of Israeli-made LAR- 160 rocket launchers by the Rapid Support Forces against the Sudanese army.

The report stated that “LAR-160” is a multiple 160-mm rocket launcher that can fire up to 26 rockets at a time, with a range of 45 kilometers, and can be used to attack pedestrians, shields and artillery.

The report also noted that the use of this type of bomber is not known for military operations in the Sudan, which is likely to have been obtained by the Rapid Support Forces from another source, which raises questions about its origin and the consequences of the war in the Sudan.

However, the historical background of Israel’s past arms sales to the Sudan adds context to this event. The history of arms dealings between the two countries, which included both official and illegal trade, makes the likelihood that such war mechanisms may be linked to previous deals not far off.

Also, in August, the use of rapid support for Israeli thermoscope “Galil ACE 31 carbine” rifles, which the report stated had already been purchased by the Sudan from Israel, and from the Chadian army.

Yusuf Izzat, a rapid support adviser, told an Israeli news channel in late April that Khartoum’s exposure was similar to that of Israel, which he described as terrorist groups.

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