The Secretary-General of the Environment announces to print the Environmental Education Guide

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Resources, Dr. Mona Ali Mohamed Ahmed The importance of environmental education in preparing a person who is able to understand the environment, regulate his behavior and instill positive values ​​in dealing with the elements and resources of the environment.

During her address today at Al-Salam Hotel, she explained the awareness-raising workshop on the role of education in addressing climate changes organized by the Supreme Council for the Environment in cooperation with the National Center for Curriculum and Educational Research. And its trends in preserving and preserving the environment.

She noted the need to prepare educational curricula stemming from the Sudanese environment, to be characterized by simplicity, suspense, and passion for benefiting from traditional knowledge and the country’s multiple and diverse environments, in an effort to prepare a successful student who interacts with the environment and contributes to finding solutions to its problems.

For his part, the Director of Curricula, Dr. Muawiya Qashi, pointed out the importance of the workshop for its exposure to the most dangerous environmental problems that cause catastrophic and great effects on humanity, and pointed to the world’s growing interest in this matter and preparing future generations to deal with it, stressing the danger of the phenomenon in changing the ecosystem and the life of all mankind, and alerted to the need for preparedness For this change, which took an accelerated path.

She added that the issue of environmental education and preparing it for generations that deal positively with the environment is a fundamental and pivotal matter in the sustainability and sustainability of life on the planet. She called Dr. Zainab Saleh, the workshop coordinator and director of the Environmental Awareness Department at the Supreme Council for the Environment, stressed the importance of redoubling efforts to confront climate change by various means, the most important of which is education, which was addressed in the Climate Change Agreement, the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. .

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