The Secretary-General of Zakat meets his Qatari counterpart

The Secretary-General of the Zakat Diwan Maulana Ibrahim Moussi Ais-Sheikh/Ahmed Sultan Al-Musaykal, Assistant Secretary-General of the Qatari Zakat Fund, met at his office in Doha in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Adam Bakhit and Ambassador of the Republic of the Sudan in Qatar.

The meeting addressed ways of joint cooperation between the two countries and the transfer of administrative, technical and technical experiences that are in the interest of working for the citizens of the two countries.

At the same meeting, the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Zakat Office was given a wide opportunity to present the Sudanese zakat experience, which found great praise from the Qatari Zakat Fund and stressed the need to take advantage of this unique and admired experience.

For his part, Sheikh Ahmed Sultan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Qatari Zakat Fund, commended the efforts of the Sudanese Zakat Office and stressed the cooperation between the two countries.

Sheikh Sultan reviewed the experience of Qatar’s Zakat and its technical development and the relationship between the commissioners and the beneficiaries via telephone applications linked to the government network.

At the end of the visit, the Secretary-General of Zakat Maulana Ibrahim Musa Issa officially invited his Qatari counterpart to visit the Sudan to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

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