The Sudan is among 10 countries on the continent affected by climate change

The President of the Union of African Universities and Director of the Global University of the Sudan, Professor Bakri Osman Saeed, described the world’s climate changes as a serious phenomenon, especially its effects on the African continent, stressing that it would be detrimental to the development of Africa that relies on rainy irrigation and that could lead to conflicts and wars.

Addressing the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Conference held today in the Higher Education Hall in Khartoum, Professor Saeed said that according to climate projections, temperatures will rise above average due to the emission of greenhouse gases from coal and gas burning in transport, agriculture and industry, stating that the conference is one of the preparatory programmes for Sudan’s participation in the climate conference to be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt next November.

Professor Bakri explained that today’s conference in the Hall of Higher Education revolves around four themes: the nature of climate changes and their causes and impacts that may cause drought.
The conference addressed several research papers related to climate change over three sessions during the day.

About 15 papers summarized the views and debate of Sudanese and foreign researchers and scientists.

The sessions were attended by many civil society organizations and a group of those interested in the environment and climate change, along with several representatives of diplomatic missions.

The papers that presented an interaction between the two conferences, in particular the paper on Sudan’s acute vulnerability to climate change, met with 10 African countries.

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