The Sudanese army announces the killing of 30 Rapid Support members in El Fasher

In skirmishes between the two sides in the city of El Fasher, the seat of North Darfur state, in the west of the country, the Sudanese army said yesterday, Saturday evening, that 30 members of the Rapid Support Forces had died.

Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah, the army’s spokesman, said in a statement that forces from the 6th Infantry Division engaged the Rapid Support Forces in combat in the city of El Fasher and were able to defeat them, suffering losses of 30 dead and numerous wounded while also seizing a number of combat vehicles.

The statement added that the Rapid Support Forces attempted again today, Sunday, to attack the armored corps south of Khartoum, and the army was able to defeat them and inflict heavy losses on personnel (unspecified) and destroy a number of combat vehicles.

He pointed out that the Rapid Support Forces randomly bombed areas north of the city of Omdurman, west of the capital, killing 3 civilians.

Since mid-April, the army and the Rapid Support have been waging clashes in several cities that a series of truces have not been able to stop, leaving about 7,500 people dead, according to what was reported the day before yesterday, Friday, by the non-governmental organization “ACLID”, which – as well as other medical and field sources – suggests that it is likely that the actual toll is higher.

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