Sudanese army has promised victory and threatens all those who have sold the country’s cause

Today, the Sudanese army issued a statement explaining that it is fighting the current battle in accordance with its plan and that it is performing its functions with confidence and honour. What has happened over the past two weeks has been an unsuccessful attempt to seize the rebel’s power and full political cover, as this battle will not remain with the entire Sudanese State with its institutions neutral.

The manoeuvres over the past months had been aimed at destroying the country’s military and security system by replacing it with a rebel militia, showing the worst subversion of the country’s institutions and unscrupulous looting.

He also touched on some satellite channels that showed their true anti-gun confrontation, that the military would not concede the goal of preserving the state entity and its security system, rid the country of political manipulation and deceit people, and that Khartoum would soon celebrate. Victory Day.

He also appealed to rebel leaders to stop participating in the country’s subversion, to report to the nearest military zone and to join the armed forces.

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