The Supreme Court overturns the former Prime Minister’s decision on foreign appointments

The Appeals Chamber of the Supreme National Court issued a decision upholding the judgement of the Supreme Court Judge for Administrative Appeals Maulana Taj Al-Asfiya Khalil Mohamed Ali on 23 May 2022, in which he ordered the annulment of former Prime Minister D. Abdullah Hamdok, No. 612 of 2021, also approved the appointment of the Selection Commission for the Civil Service as the legally competent authority.

The judgement of the Appeals Chamber headed by the Supreme Court Judge, H.E. Mr. Maulana Osman Saddiq Ahmed Mohamed, set aside the appeal in both form and substance, thereby upholding Maulana Taj Al-Asfiyah’s aforementioned decision.

It should be noted that by this judgment, the Court’s decision to annul the decision of Prime Minister D. Abdullah Hamdok No. 612 of 2021 and the adoption of the selected persons’ disclosure as a final and enforceable decision, which will place the competent authorities in legal charge in case of non-implementation.

Mr. Ahmed Hassan, one of the selectors of the Selection Committee, said in a press release that the Supreme Court’s decision represented a new victory for the civil service institution represented by the National Civil Service Selection Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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