The UN Security Council calls for the inauguration of the second phase of the “Framework Agreement” in the Sudan

The UN Security Council welcomed the signing of the Framework Agreement in the Sudan to end the political stalemate and called on the country’s main political forces to join the political process.

The Security Council statement stressed the need to create an environment and resolve outstanding issues through inclusive peaceful dialogue
Last Monday, Sudan’s civilian political forces and military signed the Framework Political Agreement to end the political blockage and establish a transitional civilian authority for two years.

In a press release, the 15-member Security Council welcomed the signing of the agreement between the Sudanese parties, describing it as an “essential step” towards the formation of a civilian-led government and the determination of constitutional arrangements to guide the Sudan during a transition period culminating in elections.

The statement stated that Council members had stressed the importance of creating an environment “conducive to resolving outstanding issues through a peaceful and inclusive dialogue”.

The statement added: “The members of the Council emphasize the need for continued confidence-building measures and strongly encourage the major political forces that have not yet signed the agreement to join the political process”.

The members of the Council encouraged the parties to begin work “without delay” on the second phase of the process, including addressing the “critical issues” envisaged by the signatories to the Framework Agreement that would enhance peace and security in the Sudan.

The Security Council’s statement stated that its members had stressed that concerted efforts to finalize negotiations and reach agreement on the formation of a civilian-led transitional government were “essential to address the pressing humanitarian and economic challenges in the Sudan”.

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