The Vice-President of the Sovereign Council receives the recommendations of the Regional Governors’ Forum and state governors

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mr. Malik Real Estate Air, received the recommendations of the Regional Governors’ and State Governors’ Forum, which concludes with Al-Qadarif in the presence of a number of federal ministers and state governors.

The Forum’s recommendations stressed the need to intensify efforts to build and instill patriotism in the Sudanese people and to strengthen national unity and the importance of the provisions of security coordination between the Centre and the States and the rule of law and security and to achieve the prestige of the State in order to prevent smuggling and lock outlets and targeted entrances to prevent any infiltration of rebel forces into safe cities and states.

The recommendations also stressed the importance of raising the state of preparedness and maximum preparedness of strategic and service facilities, securing the fields and facilities of petroleum, securing crossings with neighbouring countries, reviewing documents and supporting papers after the war and intensifying control over the organization of refugee movement and control and illegal immigration inside the country.

In the area of the economic sector, the recommendations ensured the continuation of exchange stabilization policies, reduced inflation rates, life-saving work, increased mineral and gold production, the prevention of export duties and levies and the continued development of the mining sector.

The Forum also recommended in the field of social and cultural development that attention be paid to the care and support of preventive health programmes, the provision of medicines and health equipment, the settlement of treatment inside, especially critical diseases, and the evaluation of the health system in the states in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Health, the strengthening and development of the media and the dissemination of the culture of investment in the states.

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