Training course on digital transformation of information center staff in Khartoum

The Training and Capacity Building Department of the Supreme Council for Strategy and Information organized the digital transformation course for the staff of information centres in the units of Khartoum State.

Addressing the opening of the session in the Council Hall, the Director of the State Information and Smart Government Centre, Asrar Engineer Osman Al-Khalis, explained the interest in training to keep pace with the acceleration of technology.

She expressed her pleasure at the implementation of the course through trainers from the Centre, commending the capacities and skills of the Centre’s staff and promised her unlimited support for internal and external training in coordination with the National Information Council and the Supreme Council for Human Development and work towards the digital transformation project in Khartoum State.

D ‘ Salma Mohamed Saleh, Director of the Training Department of the Council, said that the course comes within the framework of the Department’s plan for training information workers and lasts for three days with 15 training hours directed at the importance of commitment to participants to achieve the objective of training and announced that training for the Information Centre will continue until the end of this year.

The course was attended by Mohammed Hashim Engineer with an explanation of the concept, elements and features of digital transformation and the economic impact of digital transformation, explaining the importance of integrating strategy, policies, legislation, infrastructure, task forces and training to achieve digital transformation.

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