Training workshop on human rights indicators in dealing with data

Mr. General Director of the Central Statistical Agency Ali Mohamed Abbas said in a press release that the training workshop that came with the title (Human Rights Indicators in Dealing with Data) held on September 5-7, 2022 at Al Salam Rotana Hotel with the participation of a number of different bodies. It is concerned with the development of the capabilities and skills of the personnel working in the various ministries in the preparation and use of indicators and analysis and the identification of human rights indicators and their features and mechanisms for the development and analysis of them.

The Director-General also addressed the role of statistics in providing data and indicators to measure the progress of sustainable development goals for 2030, which are people-centred, to assess a more comprehensive principle without exception and to clarify the role of professional and ethical principles of official statistics to find directives for the road map from all partners in future statistical processes.

He added that the workshop included in the first half of the workshop a number of training sessions through which a number of key themes were covered, which included clarifying the concept of indicators and their importance, developing them and using them and formulating human rights indicators (human rights) on which Sudan’s reports are submitted to international mechanisms or to assess the domestic human rights situation and mechanisms for collecting, analysing and measuring data on which indicators will be based.

The second half of the workshop included a number of practical sessions to exercise the process of developing indicators and based on the characteristics of rights in accordance with international and national human rights standards.

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