Turkish Chef Burak cooks for children in Sudan

The famous Turkish chef, Burak Ozdemir, known as czn, arrived to visit several different areas of Sudan and began his visit programme in the Kadro area, north of Khartoum, where he wandered into the Grand Market and posed for pictures with vegetable vendors He then went to a village in Al-Jili, where he prepared and prepared appetite meals for children in the presence of a large number of people from the region who welcomed his visit and expressed their pleasure at his presence among them.

On Monday morning, he travelled to the Baqir area south of Khartoum to open a water well in the presence of a number of residents of the area.

The Turkish chef Burak’s visit to the country will extend for days, through which he will carry out a number of projects, including the opening of a large restaurant in Khartoum, as well as various other programmes.

Turkish Chef Burak cooks for children in Sudan

The Turkish chef’s visit ignited social media sites, where photos and videos of the chef preparing meals outdoors were circulated.

It is worth mentioning that Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir is one of the most famous food chefs, with the participation of his followers and fans, preparing various meals on his official page followed by millions from around the world.

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