Umma Party Issues Statement on Israeli Aggressions Against Gaza Strip  

The Umma National Party, issued a statement yesterday, condemning what the Palestinian people are being subjected to  in Gaza Strip.

The statement stated that the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip have been subjected  for two days to Israeli aggression, which left a number of martyrs and injured from Palestinian citizens including  children, women and elders.    

The statement added that the Israel’s violations of human rights , represented in committing its repeated  crimes, continuing its siege against  the Palestinian people and rejecting  the legitimate  Palestinian demands affirmed that Israel is far away from  real peace  and also far away from seriousness  to  live in the region peacefully.

Umma Party in the statement has paid tribute to  souls of martyrs and  wished  recovery  for  the wounded.

The party also condemned in strong terms  such crimes and asked the international community to shoulder  its responsibility to protect the Palestinian people and to denounce the criminal acts against the Palestinians.

The party also  urged  the free world to provide support for citizens in Gaza and to back their fair cause.

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