Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry Meets Ms. Valerie De Campos

The acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dafa’alla Al-Haj, met with the Head of the Abyei Task Force at the United Nations Department of Peace and Humanitarian Affairs, Ms. Valerie De Campos, and stressed that the main document guiding the relationship between Sudan and South Sudan on the issue of Abyei is the Security Council Resolution 2046, which represents the road map towards a solution for Abyei issue.

The Undersecretary stressed that reaching a solution in the Abyei area comes by implementing the Security Council resolutions and the June 2011 agreement, reactivating the cooperation between the two countries, and distancing themselves from any unilateral measures that affect the situation in the area.

The two sides affirmed the continuation of cooperation and coordination in the Abyei file, in order to reach the final solution in the area.

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