University of Khartoum denies dispensing professors

The administration of the University of Khartoum denied; Discontinuing the services of 100 professors at the professor’s level; Omar Mohamed Ali, Professor, Department of Political Science; The press quoted the news of the dismissal of the professors as denying it and affirming that his speech had been changed and new additions made to it.

In a statement, the University stated that any professor with a professor’s degree had not been made redundant and that some professors who worked in the fellowship system had been accommodated according to the needs of their departments at the colleges in which they worked; The contracting professor of fellowship enjoys all the privileges of participation, supervision and teaching for postgraduate and baccalarius students as required by the section of the college concerned.

The University of Khartoum worked through academic institutions. Therefore, a committee of senior professors at the University was concerned with the examination of applications for a witness and a fellowship for anyone who applied on the recommendation of the head of the department concerned, the dean of the faculty and the rector of the University was the chair of the committee.

She emphasized that the Mashhara Committee operates on a licensed regulation of the University’s institutions aimed at achieving academic stability and retaining professors who still have the capacity to give, scientific research and external relations that enrich the academic process at the University.

The statement stated that 408 faculty members were now in the system of prestige and fellowship after passing the legal age of pension; Of them, 126 are Professor, 170 are Associate Professors, 25 are Assistant Professors, 15 are lecturers and 72 are fellows, all of whom bear full salaries from their own resources up to Pound227 million per month.

The University Administration confirmed that the Meshharah Committee had apologized to 33 faculty members for the renewal after exceeding the legal age of pension on the recommendation of the heads of the departments in which they serve, including 4 associate teachers, 13 assistant professors and 15 fellows, 4 lecturers’ A small number of professors did not apply for renewal.

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