US Ambassador to Khartoum to visit Egypt to consult on cease-fire efforts

The US Ambassador to Khartoum, John Godfrey, announced in a tweet on his Twitter, his intention to visit Egypt to consult on cease-fire efforts, without details about the date or duration of the visit. He expressed his thanks to Egypt for its efforts to stop the fighting in Sudan.

On Friday, Ambassador Godfrey arrived in Saudi Arabia to consult on efforts to resolve the Sudan crisis.

On Thursday, the Sudanese army announced the return of its negotiating delegation to the country for consultations, while the Rapid Support Forces said that its delegation was staying in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

Since last May 6, Saudi Arabia and the United States have been sponsoring indirect negotiations between the army and the “rapid support” forces, which resulted in the first agreement in Jeddah between the two sides on the 11th of the same month to commit to protecting civilians.

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