Workshop on Modeling Trade, Production and Price Policies in Khartoum

A workshop entitled (modeling trade, production and prices policies in relation to food security) started this morning, as building mathematical models that help in making decisions related to prices, production and trade (import and export) based on well-known economic theories in proportion to the local situation lasts for two days.

Dr.Khaled Siddiq, Program Director of the International Food Policy Research Institute, Sudan Office, said that the workshop aims to implement and review countries’ strategies to train a number of carefully selected trainees, 35 trainees from 150 applicants, taking into account diversity to implement the Institute’s activities to continuously disseminate the Institute’s ideas and download them to reality.

The head of the Department of Development Strategies and Governance Institute, Paul Droush, the main trainer of the workshop, presented an economic paper on the Sudanese wheat markets as a model and its impact on supply and demand.

It is noteworthy that the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has offices in different countries in fifty countries around the world.It is an institute concerned with research, studies and training in the areas of food security, poverty reduction, training and areas of transformation in food security.

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