World Nuba Day

The name “Nubia” is derived from the word “Nub”, which means gold, and the region was named so because of the presence of the largest gold mines in it, in the “Al-Alaqi” region.

The country of Nubia historically extends from southern Egypt to the heart of the African continent, and was divided into three kingdoms, which are Kush, Meroe and Napata. The Nubians are one of the oldest civilized peoples in the world, and were concentrated around the Nile for thousands of years in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

Ancient Nubia was divided into three geographical regions, the northern region inhabited by the “treasures” people, who speak the Matuk language, and the central region.

It is inhabited by Arabs, and includes six villages, and they speak the Arabic language besides the Nubian, and the southern region is inhabited by the Nubians “Al Fadega”.

The idea of ​​celebrating the International Nuba Day was put forward by a number of Nubian entities around the world in 2004. On this day, meetings.

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