WhatsApp enters the age of artificial intelligence.. With new advantages

WhatsApp has started testing new features that allow users to edit images with artificial intelligence.

The latest version of the app on Android phones featured additional options to improve the user’s experience of editing images before sharing them.

The new options can be seen in the image modification interface that appears after selecting the images and before sending them.

When pressed on the custom icon to edit images via AI, 3 different options appear including background option, which allows changing the background of images according to the user’s intention.

WhatsApp will provide a redesign option to change the image pattern and give it a new art look.

There is also an expansion feature that allows users to zoom in on the entire image, adjusting the size as needed.

Technical reports said those new options would be free for users without additional charges.

WhatsApp is working on another AI-based feature, enabling users to interact directly with Meta AI’s smart assistant through the search bar directly within the app. The smart assistant can answer users’ questions, execute commands, generate images and other tasks. Meta is also testing the possibility of creating in-app labels based on AI.

These new benefits are still being tested and are expected to be provided to users in the coming months.

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