The European Union is interested in ending the war in the Sudan

The European Union stressed its interest in the Sudan’s efforts to end the war in order to address the humanitarian catastrophe, stabilize the democratic transition.

Representatives of the Committee for Liaison and External Relations of the Forces for Freedom and Change held a meeting with a delegation from the European Union, including the Swedish Envoy for the Sudan, the Ambassadors of Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and the representative of the European Union of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Cairo.

The FFC said in a statement that the meeting discussed developments in the Sudan following the April 15 war, ways to end it and ways to achieve sustainable peace in the Sudan.

FFC said it presented its vision of coordinating international and regional efforts in a unified negotiating platform and the need for an inclusive political process that excludes only the National Convention and its confrontations, And to address the reasons for the outbreak of war and develop definitive solutions to it makes the 15 April war the last of the Sudan’s wars. s democratic civilian transformation and a single professional and national army that is completely out of politics.

Representatives of Freedom and Change emphasized the Alliance’s engagement in efforts to build the broadest democratic civil front against war based on the preparatory meeting held late last month in Addis Ababa, which resulted in the formation of the coordination of the democratic civil forces to prepare for an inclusive constituent conference.

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