Violent raids on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv

A series of violent explosions rocked the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

News agencies also reported hearing several explosions in Ukraine’s capital, citing sirens in Kiev.

Several explosions took place on Monday morning in central Kiev after sirens went off in Ukraine’s capital, citing a Russian raid.

At least 5 explosions were heard around 8:30 a.m. GMT.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote on the media that “explosions in Kiev went to shelters immediately.”

Kiev city authorities said a rocket wreck landed in a downtown area on Monday morning, causing damage to an apartment building after a series of explosions in Kiev.

Russia had recently bombed more than one area in Ukraine, including Lviv and Odessa, where the two cities’ energy infrastructure had been damaged.

The Odessa administration reported on the Telegram platform that the city and the region had been attacked by several drone attacks launched by Russia, noting that 4 had been shot down over neighbouring Odessa and Mikulaev.

The wreckage caused by the fall of a drone resulted in a fire at the power plant and was immediately extinguished.

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