Arrangements for the convening of the medical tourism conference in its first edition next May

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Afro-Asian Foundation for Medical and Environmental Tourism Dr. Abdul Atti Al-Mana ‘i, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Travecker Medical Tourism Company, expressed confidence in the success of the Sudanese Health Tourism Conference in its first edition, to be held in May next year in KhKhartoum.

In the statement of the position of the Sudanese Ministry of Health, which announced its approval of the sponsorship of the conference, Ma ‘ana said that the move constitutes a serious beginning to place the Sudan on the global health tourism map in line with its leading regional role.

He said that the Health Tourism Conference aims to cooperate in order to showcase the possibilities of the Sudan and participants in the Conference from Arab and African countries, contribute to the localization of treatment inside and train young medical personnel in precision disciplines and provide services of a distinct level due to the remarkable availability of health services s health tourism services “, as well as increasing national income by promoting health tourism services by increasing the number of Sudan’s recipients from other States.

Promoting pilot projects and attracting foreign investment in Sudan as well as exchanging experiences in the field of health tourism and the houses of global expertise by inviting them to the conference and discussing constraints and how to develop solutions.

The mentors noted the impact of the Health Tourism Conference on the issue of familiarizing themselves with the various patterns of Sudan’s hospital and environmental tourism.

It should be noted that in its first edition, the Conference on Health Tourism will be held in cooperation and coordination between the Egyptian company Travecker and the Sudanese company Africa Beren under the auspices of the Sudanese Ministry of Health and the Union of Sudanese Hospitals and Medical Centers.

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