Current President’s Proof of Leadership Directs Action to Make the Summit a Success

The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, current Chairman of IGAD, met with General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan today, Executive Secretary of IGAD Dr. Raqna Qabihu.

The meeting reviewed the Sudan’s vision for the operationalization of the work and activities of the organization during the Sudan Presidency of IGAD and touched upon the arrangements made by the Government of the Sudan as Chair of IGAD to ensure the success of the emergency summit to be held in Nairobi next Tuesday.

The Executive Secretary of the IGAD said in a press statement that the President of the Sovereign Council, the current President of IGAD, directed the importance of working towards the success of the IGAD emergency summit.

Dr. Wargana described the convening of the IGAD Summit as important and a critical time for the region to face many regional and international issues, noting that the Summit would contribute to strengthening leaders’ efforts to address the challenges of the region.

“We are all confident that leaders of Member States will discuss” pressing issues in our region. ” The region’s challenges, notably peace and security, and the issues of drought, desertification and climate change.

The Executive Secretary of the IGAD stressed the importance of concerted efforts by Member States to overcome the problems and challenges in the region during this critical period and to find ways to advance the region and achieve security and stability in the region.

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