ECLAC discusses sustainable development

The Economic Commission for North and West Africa’s meeting of senior officials and experts in Marrakech reviewed subregional scenes and the evolution of the economic and social situation in North and West Africa.

The meeting also discussed the sustainable development goals for North and West Africa, stressing that Member States could reach that goal if poverty was eradicated and food security was secured in North and West Africa.

Mr. Sidi Mohamed Zanfour, Chairman of the current session of the Economic Commission for North and West Africa and Director of Strategies of the Ministry of Economy and Productive Sectors of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

However, the Committee’s meetings had been important to the region on food security, energy and climate change, and he noted that after the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian War had affected countries’ economies and pointed out the imbalance in the region.

Mr. Sidi said that food and energy security were having an impact on countries’ budgets, which showed a striking structural imbalance in the importance of overcoming them.

Sir noted that at this session the Islamic Republic of Mauritania was elected Chairman of the Economic Commission for Africa and the Kingdom of Morocco as Vice-Chairman and Sudan as Rapporteur of the United Nations Economic Commission for North Africa.

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