Fierce confrontations between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray forces in front of the Great Failure

The situation exploded dramatically on the Ethiopian side of the border along Sudan’s sector opposite Hamdayit to areas east of the Sudanese “Kadimiyah” to other areas near the Ethiopian “Hamra”.

In November 2020, these areas experienced fierce battles between the Federal Army and the Tigray forces and lasted for about a month and then stopped to explode at dawn and again after two years of calm.

Preliminary information indicates that the Tigray Defence Forces (TF) attacked from midnight last night several camps in which the Ethiopian Army is stationed at least 6 camps, which also include the Al-Amhara Special Forces (SFOR), the Fano militias and Al-Shafta.

The sources said that the “Dima” camp off Hamdayit was attacked with ferocity, a former camp based in the forces of Commander Abdullah Idris, a leader of the Eritrean Liberation Front.

The fighting stretched north, and the Tigray attacked Ethiopian army forces in its many stationed areas along the border until near Hamra and heard the sounds of clashes on the Sudanese side with intensity and clarity.

The Ethiopian army has used tanks and heavy artillery.

The Tigray forces’ progress in depth has also been reported in the latest reports.

It should be noted that Sudan’s border with the Tigray region is 17 kilometres long.

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