First meeting of the National Committee of the COMESA Coordination Unit

Ms. Amal Saleh Saad, Minister of Commerce and Supply, inaugurated the first meeting of the National Committee. She welcomed the presence of all relevant stakeholders. She stressed the importance of cooperating and joining forces to work in a spirit of unity in order to serve the Sudan.

The Minister also called for the Committee to make recommendations consistent with the general framework of COMESA, announcing the opening of the National Committee’s work.

Ms. Khadija Al-Siddiq Mohammed, Director of COMESA Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Commerce and Catering, explained that COMESA means the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), an economic conglomerate with a set of clear objectives that strives for development and inter-country cooperation and helps to enter into free trade agreements and provide a life for all COMpeoples.

The Director of the COMESA Coordination Unit also called on all attendees to submit projects representing their different constituencies with a view to standardizing procedures and laws.

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