Surprise.. Pharaoh was not Egyptian and that is his true nationality!!

Advisor to Egyptian President Abdelfattah el-Sisi said that Pharaoh was not an authentic Egyptian, but a hexus.

Al-Sisi’s adviser for religious affairs, Dr. Osama al-Azhari, added in a radio encounter: “Our master Moses Sabbar on Pharaoh 40 years old, although he is older, and compelled.”

Al-Azhari added: “There is a historical research that is more true that Pharaoh was not an authentic Egyptian, it was a Hisus.. Egypt in no way reaches this distance from God “, according to the Egyptians.

Azhari’s statement came on the anniversary of Ashura Day, when Muslims celebrated the survival of Prophet Musa al-Salam from Pharaoh and his army and the latter drowned at sea.

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