Workshop on liquidity management in Islamic financial institutions

The General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions held a technical workshop on liquidity management tools in Islamic financial institutions from July 4-5, 2022 to provide employees of Islamic banks and financial institutions with theoretical knowledge and applied skills through the work programme.

Zainab Owenati, Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs, said the initiatives of the General Council in this area and its role in raising awareness of the importance of managing liquidity for the continuation and growth of banks and financial institutions, in the presence of more than 80 participants from Islamic banks, financial institutions, regulatory and regulatory bodies and international organizations.

To provide a unique learning experience, the agenda included presenting a number of study cases, discussing factual issues and situations from the working environment, hosting a number of experts to enrich the discussion and sharing professional experiences with participants.

It noted that this initiative falls under the objective of professional development Through which the General Council seeks to develop professional capabilities and qualify human resources in the Islamic financial services industry, The workshop targeted professionals in Islamic banks and financial institutions and workers in regulatory bodies and regulatory authorities through these initiatives, they are developing participants in the practical aspect that can be applied within their institutions and during their daily work.

The workshop seeks to provide participants with theoretical knowledge and applied skills on liquidity management tools for Islamic financial institutions with a focus on the operations of the financial market and liquidity management tools used in the Islamic financial system.It will also discuss practical cases about the most important tools available in the market and consider acceptable alternatives to managing liquidity in Islamic financial institutions to provide participants with a unique learning experience.

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