$10 million awarded by the Arab Bank to combat flood damage and COVID-19

The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa provided a $10 million grant received by the Federal Ministry of Health to combat the damage of floods, rains and COVID-19.

Ali includes 25 vehicles as well as 25 blurry spraying machines in the presence of Health Ministers Dr. Haitham Ibrahim Ali and Finance Dr. Gabril Ibrahim and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Bank Dr. Fahd Abdullah Al Dossari.

For his part, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Health in charge of a press release, confirmed the role of the Arab Bank in supporting health in the Sudan and expressed his pleasure at the inauguration of the grant, Cherif Al-Dusri and the Minister of Finance, indicating that the grant will be distributed the share of the states from

He stressed that the grant is a powerful boost to the country’s health system and hoped to make the most of it and expected the arrival of 58 ambulances and revealed the start of the central oxygen project in Sudan 702 hospitals, including 100 reference.

In addition, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance, expressed his pleasure at the Arab Bank’s grant to the Government of the Sudan allocated to the Federal Ministry of Health. He hoped that it would be renewed and that the damage caused by the floods and COVID-19 would be further addressed.

Dr. Fahad Abdullah Al-Dusri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Bank, explained that the grant is a first payment from the Bank, expressing the hope that it will be an addition to combat flood damage and Covid-19, and that Sudan’s support is in force for the Arab world.

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