5 foods for healthy lungs in winter

Doctors advised eating 5 types of food and beverages to keep the lungs healthy especially in winter due to their vital role in providing oxygen needed to continue the body’s multiple functions especially as respiratory viruses spread.

The Health Line medical website published a list of these food and beverages beneficial to the health of the lungs:

  1. Pepper
    It is among the richest sources of vitamin C and acts as a powerful antioxidant, making it useful in the face of infections, especially for smokers.
  2. Apples
    Regular apple intake may help boost lung function and also reduce the risk of asthma and lung cancer due to its antioxidant content, including vitamin C.
  3. Pumpkin
    Pumpkin contains a variety of plant compounds that promote lung health such as “carotenoids” including “beta-carotene”, “lutein” and “zeaxanthin.”
  4. Turmeric
    “Curcumin” is the main active ingredient in turmeric particularly useful for supporting lung function and its intake by smokers has improved their lung function compared to those who have not.
  5. Green Tea
    Green tea prevents tissue fibrosis in the lungs due to the richness of this drink with antioxidants and infections.

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