A magical drink reduces blood sugar by 30%

Diabetes complications are many and serious, especially type II, because it affects the main organs of your body, including cardiovascular, nerve, eye and kidney.

Fortunately, there is a drink on hand that can significantly reduce high blood sugar levels according to the British diabetes website Diabetes.co.uk.

The site explained that that magic drink is water, because the bodies of diabetics require more fluids when blood glucose levels are high and therefore drinking more water will help the kidneys secrete excess sugar through urine.

According to the same source, water will not raise blood glucose levels, which is why it is very useful to drink it when people with diabetes suffer from high blood sugar, because it enables more glucose to be expelled from blood by up to 30%.

According to the British Health Authority, water is the “perfect” drink for diabetics because it does not contain carbohydrates or calories, because diabetics always monitor the amount of carbohydrates they eat because they degrade to glucose faster than other food groups.

A prominent study published in the journal Diabetes Care also confirmed that increased water intake, can prevent high blood sugar or even later diabetes.

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