Equipment and equipment from the African Development Bank of the National Cancer Institute

Professor Elizabeth, Director of Health Projects of the African Development Bank (AfDB), worked on the digital mammograms, sound waves, CT scanners, digestive and vaginal endoscopies, as well as the MRI machine and the instruments of the sick tissue lab of the Cancer Centre of the City and Damascus in the project to improve access to health and strengthen health systems funded by the Bank.

The delegation heard a detailed explanation of the devices’ performance and contribution to the internalization process. The project aims to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to cancer patients as a priority, conduct early detection surveys of breast cancer and provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to citizens of the state and other states.

For its part, the AfDB delegate called for a plan for the early detection of cancer tumors to contribute to reducing the risk of infection, while Dr. Jilani Abdullah Al-Tayeb, Dean of the Institute, emphasized that the devices will bring about a significant transformation and a qualitative shift in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer tumors and the localization of treatment inside and reduce frequency on Khartoum.

It is worth mentioning that devices work 24 hours a day and frequencies on CT and MRI devices range 300 – 900 average per month.

Mammogram frequency cases reach 60 cases and sound waves 250 cases plus 120 atomic imaging cases.

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