Important foods for stomach germ patients help to heal quickly

Stomach germ from diseases that are difficult to treat, unfortunately it has become widespread in our current time as a result of the demand for ready food, and neglect of its treatment causes serious complications.

According to Dr. Mohammed Hilmi, a consultant in therapeutic nutrition, there are some foods that help prevent stomach germ and reduce its symptoms in those affected, as well as protect against the serious complications it causes.

Important foods for stomach germ patients:

– Food rich in probiotics or vital yeasts.
– Fiber-rich foods such as apples, plums and whole grains.
– Red pepper cupcake.
– Broccoli.
– Honey.
– Onions.
– Garlic.
– Fat-free proteins.
– Avocado.
– Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines.
– Strawberries, kiwis, berries and mussels.
– Excessive drinking of water.

Prohibited foods on stomach germ patients:

Just as there are important stomach germ eaters, there are also prohibitions for stomach germ patients to stay away from, among these forbidden foods: –

-The foundry.
-Spicy food.
– Excess seasoning.
– Salt.
-saturated fat.
– Creamy eaters.
– Citrus.
– Coffee.
– Soft drinks.

The stomach germ is a type of bacteria that causes chronic inflammation in the inner lining of the stomach, and Egypt is the highest in the prevalence of the stomach germ, and the infection rate may be more than 60 to 70%.

Causes of stomach germ:

Spiral bacteria enter the human body orally and settle in the stomach and intestines, the biggest cause of infection with spiral bacteria is intake of contaminated foods and water, and infection with them is more common in crowded living conditions with poor sanitation especially in developing countries with poor sanitation services.

The stomach germ is also transmitted when in contact with another infected person through negative behaviors such as sneezing or by stool containing the germ through insects such as flies. “

Complications of stomach germ:

But the stomach germ is not transmitted by transfusion from an infected person to a healthy person, and the incidence of spiral microbe may cause stomach and duodenal ulcers and stomach cancer, but in some cases, that is, it is not necessarily serious complications. “

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