Increased dengue rates in the Al Jazeera state

The Ministry of Health in the Central State of Al Jazeera revealed an increase in dengue infection rates in the state, with 112 confirmed cases, 134 suspected cases and 3 deaths.

The Directorate General of Health Emergencies and Epidemiology Control of the Ministry of Health of the Island State announced in the daily report of dengue that 9 new confirmed cases of dengue were not recorded.

The cumulative dengue report for the period from September 19 to October 10 confirmed 134 suspected cases of fever, including 112 confirmed rapid screening cases and 3 deaths.

The Director-General of the Ministry of Health of the Island State appealed to citizens to lure, dry and wash water tanks and pots every 3 days and expose them to the sun to prevent the birth of dengue-causing aides inside homes.

Federal Health Minister Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim confirmed to the Sudan Tribune on Friday that the number of dengue cases was 1256, including 17 deaths across 8 states.

The emergence of dengue fever has been recorded in Gedaref, Red Sea, Kassala, Island, Senar, Northern Kordofan, Southern Kordofan and Northern Darfur States.

The United Nations says heavy rains and floods have affected 70 1,000 people in 7 states of the Sudan, increasing the risk of further water-borne diseases, and confirmed the cholera epidemic in Gedaref State.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that 70% of health care facilities will be discontinued as a result of the war while the rest suffer from severe supply shortages, raising fears that many will die as infectious diseases grow.

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