Minister of Industry confirms state’s interest in leather industry

The Minister of Industry, Engineer Batul Abbas Awad Alam, Chairperson of the National Campaign Committee for the Collection of Al Dahi Skins, confirmed the State’s interest in the tanning sector and the leather industry, directing the need to mobilize efforts to implement the campaign.

This came during today’s chairmanship of the Third Meeting of the Coordinating Committee for the Collection of Sacrificial Skins in its Office of the Ministry of Industry, dependent on the visit of the member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Dr. Abdelbaki Abdelkader Al-Zubair confirmed his interest in the leather industry during his recent visit to the tanneries, accompanied by the Minister of Social Development and a number of experts in the field of tanning, through which he stressed his interest in the leather industry and his sponsorship of the campaign.

Members of the Leather Chamber and Industry, Leather Incubator, Tannery Holders, Scientific Research and Leather Traders confirmed that they stand ready to carry out the campaign with interest and follow-up through full coordination between the competent authorities and communication with known assembly points.

In the same vein, she emphasized the Director of the Centre for Leather Improvement d. Aisha Tirani said that the Centre started training young people in the skinning process in some neighbourhoods to continue the issue of media outreach to citizens to ensure the success of the skinning process and to deliver it to the nearest assembly centres immediately after slaughter to avoid environmental damage.

The meeting brought together the Ministry of Industry, Leather Sector Unit, Leather Room, Leather Technology Center and Ministry of Livestock as representatives of the National Leather Improvement Center, a number of tanneries, agencies, leather industry dealers, leather incubator and media.

At the end of the meeting, the Committee ensured its readiness and the willingness of the competent authorities to implement the campaign widely by raising awareness and guidance through the various media and through the committees of services and change by training slaughter slaughterhouses in neighbourhoods and proper skins and methods of salting, collecting and preserving leather from damage so as to contribute to the country’s development.

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