Official comment about the alleged containment of one of the known types of biscuits on lard in Saudi Arabia

The official account of the Saudi Food and Propagation Authority on the social media site “Twitter” responded to a tweet claiming that one of the known biscuits “Oreo” contained lard.

The Authority denied this and affirmed in a tweet Tuesday that “all food in the Kingdom is Halal and we assure you of our keenness and follow-up to food products in the Kingdom and ascertain the adopted standard standards.”

The official account of Oreo biscuits on Twitter had previously confirmed that the product was already halal.

“Our Oreo biscuits made for the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan are alcohol free and comply with local regulatory requirements in the region.”

The tweet added: “Our manufacturing facilities have obtained Halal certification from the relevant authorities.”

In 2021, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (FDA) tweeted that gelatin used in drug capsules is an animal or plant-based source, with special requirements and controls followed by the Authority for the types of gelatin used in drugs allowed to enter the Saudi market, the most important of which is the complete free of gelatin derived from pigs.

The Department had previously explained through its official website that soft drinks such as PepsiCola and CocaCola, available in the Kingdom’s markets, were free of pork products.

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