On the occasion of Eid and Sacrifice.. 9 Amazing Benefits of Lamb Grease

The distribution of sacrifice is one of the most important topics of interest among family members. Recent studies have shown that lard or “nocturnal” has many benefits for the human body.

It does not contain cholesterol or triglycerides, so it is recommended that they be taken occasionally in moderate quantities.

At the same time, it is prohibited for those with heart and arterial disease, clots, liver and bitterness.According to Dr. Sally Al Faki, Head of Guidance Department of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in the Egyptian Governorate of West.According to Al-Maqi, the “sheep’s leaf” has 9 benefits:

1. Easy digestion does not carry weight on the digestive system.

2.It contains a large number of calories, as it is capable of eliminating hunger and restoring lost energy stocks, and is used by athletes, as well as by persons in the profession of hard physical work.

3. Contains a group of vitamins, especially vitamin A.

4. Removes toxins from the body and has antioxidant properties.

Improve blood circulation.5

Restores damaged tissue.6

7. Improves mental performance and maintains brain cells.

It has a positive effect on the 8.condition of skin, hair and nails.

9. It makes a ghee of your friendliness, which is meat fat, which is extracted by smelting and is a substitute for ghee and oil.

It has been used since the age of its arrival in prophetic medicine under the name of grease.

Al-Faqi noted that they were in the foot interested in grease before the meat because of its rich nutritional value, which they needed in the cold. At that time, the butcher was selling grease more expensive than meat and was cheating grease with meat, adding: But over time and the evolution that has taken place, many people have begun to dispense with the availability of many alternative products of ghee and fat, and there are those who to date still use it instead of ghee in cooking.

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