Siemens Heilthner’s delegation visits Sudan and meets with the Minister of Health

A high-level delegation by Siemens Helthner Company visited Sudan under the leadership of Mr. Ollie Beer, Chairman of Siemens Helthner Company for East Africa and Middle East Region and the region’s Executive Director and Marketing, Business Development and Partnerships Directors from 15-17 October.

The visit was aimed at strengthening Siemens Helthner’s presence in the Sudan and providing technical and cognitive support to our partners in the Sudanese medical field in both government and private sectors, as well as improving the efficiency of the delivery of after-sales services and introducing modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in the Sudan, as well as expanding diagnostic and therapeutic services for oncology patients.

The delegation met with D ‘ Hitham Mohamed Ibrahim, Federal Minister of Health in charge of his office, discussed the possibility of expanding the opening of radiotherapy centres for oncology, since there is a plan by the Ministry to establish 10 radiotherapy centres to address the actual need to treat oncology patients in the coming years in the Sudan.

Mr. Chairman and CEO of Siemens Helthner reported the company’s willingness to work to assist the Sudan to implement this major project during Siemens Helthner and Varian’s integrated radiation tumor treatment capabilities and the availability of its manufactured therapeutic and diagnostic devices.

The company also initiated to help in the field of training and the provision of modern technology in the field of electronic connectivity between various centers in the Sudan with Khartoum Oncology Hospital and global oncology centers. Siemens Helthner Varian now has a presence in three major oncology centers in the Sudan, including Khartoum Oncology Hospital (Khartoum Radiotherapy and Atomic Treatment Centre) The delegation also visited the National Centre for Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases at Ibn Sinai Specialist Hospital. They were received by Dr. Abdul Moneim Al-Tayeb, Director of the Center.

The delegation stood on the interventional catheter at the intestinal bleeding centre manufactured by Siemens Helithner, which was supplied and installed through Benotti Multi-Activity Company and is one of the country’s newest interventional catheters.

During the visit, the delegation heard Dr. Abd Al-Moneim Al-Tayeb’s enlightenment about the development plan of the Ibn Sena Specialist Hospital and the success story of the first liver transplant operation in the Sudan conducted by a government hospital.

Siemens Heilthner pledged to harness all its possibilities to help develop the hospital’s diagnostic work. A visit was made to the Medical Weapons Hospital and Medical Laboratories Department, where Siemens Heilthner’s contribution to the development of medical services at the Medical Weapons Hospitals was discussed.

The visit concluded with a visit to the Italian Heart Peace Hospital in the suburb of Soba, where the hospital’s areas of work were identified and a visit to the factory CT scan system by Siemens Helthner with the support of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, where the hospital director and the director of the Italian Emergency Organization in Sudan were met.

The meeting discussed modernizing hospital equipment and expanding the use of Siemens Helthner’s capabilities in the organization’s projects in its hospitals and medical centres in the East African region.

It should be noted that the delegation’s visit is to support and confirm Siemens Helthner to provide its services to its clients in the Sudan through its authorized agents Benotti Multi-Activities Company Limited, Siemens Helthner and Varian Medical Investment and Construction Company Ltd. Siemens Helthner Agent in the Medical Laboratories Division.

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