Stronger than painkillers are food to be consumed weekly to prevent arthritis

Dr. Lamia Lutfi, Professor of Nutrition and Home Economics at Kafr al-Sheikh University, revealed that many people suffer from arthritis as well as bones, which is due to their ageing, which makes them in the face of a real problem that affects them especially with the bitter winter or while practicing daily sport, which we recommend eating certain foods that reduce and reduce the severity of arthritis.

Foods that reduce arthritis

Lutfi explained in a press release that eating specific foods especially with winter that help nourish your bones, reduce swelling and reduce arthritis. These foods are as follows:

Fatty fish, such as mackerel and salmon, which contained omega-fatty acids, as well as “vitamin D”, gave them a number of anti-inflammatory properties that helped to alleviate joint pain in humans and were preferred to be consumed three times a week.

Garlic reduces arthritis

She also added that taking garlic three times a week or more reduces human arthritis as a result of its anti-inflammatory compounds that help to relieve the pain unit and improve joint health well.

She emphasizes that it is recommended to drink ginger and keep eating it especially in winter or summer, whether it is dry or fresh, which reduces arthritis, as well as adding a suspension of bee honey, tea and gravy, as well as adding a glass of warm water with ginger, which results in the natural mixture of substances that reduce arthritis and associated pains in human beings.

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