Sugar changes the activity of gut bacteria

A study reported that dietary sugar diverts the activity of gut bacteria for the worse, leading to exposure to metabolic diseases, diabetes, and “obesity” weight gain.

The results of the new study indicate that diet is important; But the role of bacteria is optimal, and it is equally important in the prevention of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity.

“A high-fat, high-sugar Western-style diet can lead to obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, but how the diet begins to bring unhealthy changes to the body is unknown,” the researchers said.

The researchers conducted an animal study and four weeks later on a diet, the animals showed the characteristics of metabolic syndrome, such as weight gain, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance.

Researchers found that reducing filamentous bacteria during the study found in the gut of animals s health “, was critical to animal health through its effect on immune cells” Th17 “, These immune cells produce molecules that slow the absorption of bad fat from the gut, reduce gut inflammation and reduce the decrease in filamentous bacteria from the number of Th17 cells in the gut and more experiments revealed that these cells are necessary to prevent metabolic diseases, diabetes and weight gain.

“Sugar eliminates filamentous bacteria, and protective Th17 cells disappear as a result of sugar quantities when we feed mice with a sugar-free, high-fat diet, they retain intestinal Th17 and were completely protected from obesity and diabetes,” the researchers said.

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