Support from the United Nations Fund for the Sudanese Ministry of Health

The Federal Ministry of Health launched the delivery of 21 vehicles for reproductive health in the Ministry and the states with the support of UNFPA.

The launch came under the slogan “Together to speed up the pace to save the life of a mother and child”.

Minister D. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, at the Ministry’s inauguration ceremony, stressed that reducing mortality among children and mothers is at the top of the Ministry’s priorities by developing several programmes and strategies related to maternal and child health, including addressing critical pregnancies in the context of the settlement of services in the states and giving high incentives to specialists for women and obstetrics if they work in rural hospitals.

Recognizing that high mortality rates require concerted efforts to reduce them with the efforts of society, ministries of the Centre, states and organizations, he added not all causes of death from the Ministry of Health.

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