Surprise.. This happens to the body when you take a clove of garlic on the stupid

Garlic has many health benefits, including antioxidants, and eating a single lobe on the glitter has many advantages over the body.

Dr Linda Gad, consultant nutritionist and obesity, says eating one lobe stimulates the stomach to produce digestive sap, which helps enhance immunity and resistance to diseases.

She noted that the garlic lobe lowers blood pressure and relaxation of blood vessels.

Several benefits included:

1. Lowering cholesterol with blood.

2. Immunity enhancement.

3. Fight viral germs.

4. Infection control.

In addition, it helps:

– Weight loss: because it feels full, which can reduce the amount of calories.

– Hair enhancement: Garlic is rich in antioxidants and stimulates the germination of the hair conductor.

– Garlic stimulates the rate of collagen in the skin.

– Infection control.

She concluded: “Garlic can cause stomach disorders, especially in colon patients, and causes an unpleasant mouth odor by containing sulfur compounds.

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