The fruit of the quarry benefits and damages?

Al Quru is a fruit with many health benefits. It is part of the culture of some African countries. In this article, we will address some details of this fruit, what it is, what its benefits and its damage.
What is Quro?
Known as zing nut or cola nut, its scientific name Cola acuminata, it comes from the evergreen Quro Tree found in Africa’s rainforest, specifically in West African countries such as Nigeria, which is a symbol of its cultural symbols, given to guests on happy and sad occasions, and used in folk medicine. This tree reaches 40-60 feet long, approximately 10-18 meters long, and the tree subtracts the star-like Quroot fruit, with white peels containing the seeds or zing nuts themselves.
Note: Quro is forbidden in some Arab countries. The contents of cola nuts contain many nutrients such as:
2-3% caffeine, which is an alarm, is found in coffee, tea and soft drinks.
Theobromine Theobromine is 1 – 2% stimulant as well, and is found in green tea and chocolate.
Other nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium.

The Health Benefits of Quro

According to the sources, this product has been used in folk medicine in African States since ancient times, and this has been observed in the cultures of these peoples, but there is still insufficient scientific evidence of all these health benefits. These potential health benefits are associated with caffeine content that enhances energy, reduces hunger. Some of these benefits are mentioned in the sources below:
Promotes metabolism due to its caffeine content.
It helps with digestion, as it is thought to enhance the production of stomach acid.
It enhances energy levels, because of its telltale contents such as caffeine and theobromine, where it stimulates the central nervous system, and increases attention and energy levels. Relieving migraine pain, caffeine and theobromine may help to expand blood vessels in the brain reducing pain.

It may help with the treatment of asthma, as one source explains that although it is not recommended in treatments for respiratory diseases but caffeine is believed to be an extension of the airways.

In addition to the above, one source refers to the benefits of quro for men in having early studies showing that some substances in this fruit may be useful in preventing prostate cancer. But this research is uncertain and is still under discussion and action. It also explains that it may enhance the metabolism associated with low levels of testosterone, Cushing syndrome or Graves’ disease. Other sources show that there are some allegations that he has a role in alleviating the symptoms of:
Tooth pain.
Physical and mental exhaustion.
Low libido.
Weight loss.

Qorro Damage

The risk of side effects of the corus increases based on the amount handled, the amount of caffeine inside the body, and the potential damage to these fruits is: high blood pressure, so you should first consult a doctor before consuming this fruit for patients with blood pressure.
Insomnia and sleep disorders, which are one of the most common side effects of stimuli such as caffeine.

The contents of cola nuts affect the central nervous system causing tremor and nervousness especially for people with anxiety.
Feeling nauseous while eating large amounts of fruit, where it causes stomach disorders.
Acidity, which promotes caffeine from the release of stomach acid.
Acceleration or arrhythmias.
Feeling uncomfortable and nervous.
Frequent urination, as caffeine is considered a diuretic.
Some drug interactions, so you should first tell the doctor if you take any medications.
Diarrhoea, caffeine may exacerbate diarrhea, and other IBS symptoms.
Relying on them or addiction, causing withdrawal symptoms when suddenly stopped such as headaches, anxiety and vertigo.
One source indicates that the long-term overconsumption of this fruit in large quantities by chewing is associated with oral and stomach cancer.

In conclusion, although consumed in some African countries and prevented in others, good attention must be paid to the side effects associated with them, and consult a doctor before eating some controversial foods in the event of some chronic diseases.

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