The Minister of Health stresses the importance of strengthening health departments to achieve sustainable development

Minister of Health Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim stressed the importance of strengthening health departments in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

This was during his address to the annual meeting of the Directors of Environmental Health and Food Control in the states held at the Rotana Peace Hotel under the slogan “Strengthening environmental health departments is a fundamental pillar of the classification of sustainable development goals in the Sudan”, with the participation of a number of specialists from universities and directors of state health departments.

The Minister noted the importance of environmental health, food control and the Ministry’s sponsorship of this meeting, announcing its adoption of all recommendations and outputs for their enforcement.

Adel Khalifa Ismail, Director of the General Department of Health Care, Federal Ministry of Health, said in a press release that the meeting was concerned with discussing the health of the environment in the Sudan, issues related to it, food safety, protection of drinking water sources from pollution, insect control and other disease and health care vectors, and how to dispose of harmful waste.

He noted that the meeting was aimed at achieving the great value of targeted sustainable development and announced the allocation of 25 environmental vehicles to each state.

The provision of 100 advanced food oils checkers in restaurants for distribution to the States in addition to the distribution of dairy screeners and a food inspection unit.

He added that the first day discussed several working papers that included an analysis of the structures of the departments of environmental health and food control in the center and the states and presented the central sector Khartoum Island Sennar Blue and White Nile along with the presentation of the National Sanitation Programme and the presentation of an environmental sanitation section.

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